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Keto-ing Mid Week and Noticeable Changes

As I got up this morning I noticed that I looked a little bit leaner in front of the mirror. At yesterday's weigh in, I had also dropped some weight, only another 1 lb, but a positive change nonetheless. Now you may think that 1 lb in a week isn't much, but given Good Friday and Easter I'll take it. I'm definitely on the right track.

Keto Recipes

As I've continued into the second week of this diet I've noticed I needed to improve my recipes, so I have. I'm becoming particularly fond of "eggs and bacon with avocado and olives salad," So let me tell you about that. It includes:

I like to cook it in the morning to save for lunch later in the day. To prepare, I start by cooking the bacon in a frying pan. After I get a little bit of bacon grease forming I crack the eggs and cook them with the bacon so they can soak up some of the bacon fat. 

While that is cooking I also start chopping up some lettuce. When that is done, I split an avocado in half, removing the nut. This is a lot easier if I let them ripen a day or two after buying them from Big Y, the local grocery store of the great folk of Tolland.

After putting the lettuce and cheese into a bowl, I pour the bacon grease that remains along with accompanying bacon and eggs into the bowl. On top of that I take a spoon and spoon out the avocado on top. Finally, I chop up some black olives and put them on. To mix it, I chop it up inside the bowl. Below is the result:

I find that I don't need any salad dressing with this as the avocado and olives give a naturally good flavor while providing all the healthy fats I need. Anyways, that is about it for this post, so thanks for stopping by and I hope you found what you were looking for. Maybe I even inspired you to make your own Keto meal.

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