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A Trainer Ride Into Positivity … And Techno … on YouTube

This morning I woke up and again wanted to start my day off positively by riding the trainer. The wake up call came as my alarm rang at 4:30 a.m. I have to admit I was up since 3:56 a.m. as I went to be at 8:15 p.m. … ah, the life of a teacher …

Getting in That Trainer Ride

As a teacher, you work tremendously hard, waking at the wee hours of morning and working until almost bedtime, planning, grading, and reflecting on instruction and assessments planned for the benefit of our future generations. With time very short, it is difficult to get in exercise yourself, as a teacher. It’s very important to do that for your health and the better health I have the better I can instruct the students, so I think it’s important in that aspect as well.

Anyways, on to the trainer ride. I started the ride playing Alice Deejay (I just admitted my poor musical tastes again but on the positive side techno gets me going for a workout!) as one of YouTube’s techno hits … I needed something to get me going. Then I began a perilous ride as I was at the whim of YouTube’s auto-play feature, not knowing what techno song I would have to experience next. After a half hour my 5:00 alarm rang signaling the need to make breakfast and head to school but I kept pedaling for a few minutes more risking a rushed omelet and possible spillage of said breakfast on my school clothes.

The Breakfast …

The breakfast continued the morning rush with an omelet of significance, broccoli, onions, and salsa. The salsa was added to spice up the meal, hoping to get my metabolism fires burning and a great Thanksgiving together with my family, people who truly care about me. It also gave it some bite and intrigued the taste buds and I have to admit, said, “whoa, that’s hot.”

The Blog …

I also needed to type the blog and time was racing by. It usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day to type a blog (you can tell given the level of writing …), and I do as a positive therapeutic exercise, while focusing on positivity. Also, it gives my mom and the robots from China trying to hack this website something to read. Anyways, I needed toast in addition to the omelet … popping the toast in the toaster would cut time tight, I would need to butter it too, and then there was the issue of the caffeine.

I know I shouldn’t get an energy drink prior to school but I’m feeling it today. I know my bad …

Time raced on as I tried to finish the blog … and I needed to stop NOW.


Disclaimer: Despite the appearance of rushed writing, this blog was typed with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm.

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