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Turning the Screws a Little Tighter and Tom BradyJanuary 1st, 2018  10:54 am

Tom Brady was on good morning America this morning discussing his prolonged longevity within the NFL and it got me thinking of how to “turn the screws a little tighter.” “Turning the screws a little tighter,” is similar to “stepping it up a notch,” but at the same time, slightly different. Sometimes in competition you […]

Giving You Something to Read By Stepping It Up a NotchDecember 26th, 2017  7:01 pm

Thank you for stopping by. I’m sorry I didn’t give you something to read yesterday, as that wasn’t very Christmassy of me. Today though I’m going to give you something to read by talking about stepping it up a notch. Stepping It Up a Notch There are times in any competition where you have to […]