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An Omelet of Significance, Overindulgence at Lunch, and Cold WeaknessNovember 16th, 2017  6:05 pm

While this is one of my many coming 200 days of salad posts, the thing I’d like to focus on first is my omelet. It was an omelet of significance, grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unparalleled taste. It also had a certain refined beauty that only an omelet could possess. An Omelet of Significance […]

Soup and Salad, Balancing Nutrition and Diet For Top Performance!November 9th, 2017  8:26 pm

Today as I reveled in my school cafeteria soup and salad I realized that nutrition is extra important. Since giving blood a week ago, my overall strength has been down a little. This past Wednesday all I could muster was 280 lbs x 8 reps on Bench Press and 360 lbs x 8 reps on […]