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Battling It Out Until The EndDecember 1st, 2017  5:56 am

Thank you for stopping by to read about the omelet I made this morning. I’ll try to make it interesting for you even though a blog about an omelet is amazingly boring. Also, looking at the title, you may think this isn’t a positive post, but if you think that you are mistaken. Don’t worry, […]

Perseverance to Solve ProblemsOctober 18th, 2017  8:11 pm

Mathematical Practices #1 of the Common Core, “Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them,” is a great way to look at life, helping you to push forward through adversity with grace, tranquility, ease, and in some cases, unfettered enthusiasm. It could be said, perseverance is the key to winning in life or sport! […]