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New England’s Toughest Cyclist – The BrumbalizerOctober 31st, 2017  6:00 am

When Amos “the Brumbalizer” Brumble won 10 Pro 1/2 races in a row back in 1997 it was clear a new rider emerged on the New England scene. Not until now though do we realize his true toughness! Before we talk about the Brumbalizer and how tough he is, perhaps we should define toughness.┬á defines […]

Killington Stage Race Stage 2 Finish and TrainingMay 28th, 2017  6:05 pm

I drove up to Killington to get a scenery change and to do a little riding. It was nice that they had the Killington Stage Race going too. First things first I knew I needed to train as well. Training The training went well for the morning. I knew I needed to ride as it […]