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Keto, Late Night Pizza Challenges and EffectsMarch 31st, 2018  8:49 pm

This article describes late night pizza challenges, refocusing on keto, and gluten intolerance. It’s always better to be sensitive than intolerant.

First F.O.S. Ride of the Year and the Beginning of Day 3 of KetoMarch 27th, 2018  6:04 am

This article discusses how I got my first KOM on my first F.O.S. (full on strava) ride of the year. Learn how I did F.O.S.K.D.I. (full on strava keto diet intervals) during my workout yesterday and see how I’m doing.

The Start of Keto Day 2 …March 26th, 2018  6:01 am

This article is about my second day on Keto, the feelings and stats associated with it. I describe my diet with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm for describing … my diet.

It Begins With One Little Red Pill … Well Three ActuallyMarch 24th, 2018  9:42 pm

This article is about refocusing the quest for health and fitness by having exogenous ketones and cutting my caloric window.

Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT and FOS)March 23rd, 2018  6:22 am

This article discusses Ketosis, intermittent fasting, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Full on Strava (FOS).

Supplementation, Intermittent Fasting, and Ben’s Theories of Healthy Fats …March 21st, 2018  6:10 am

This article discusses Dr. Mike’s and Ben’s thoughts on nutrition, supplements, fasting, and more!

Finding the Elusive Goji Berry … Sort Of.March 20th, 2018  6:10 am

This is a fascinating article about finding the elusive Goji Berry at GNC.

A Blogception and Some Superfoods …March 19th, 2018  6:05 am

As I began to type this blog I thought after downing a Spirulina capsule I thought how recently I had gotten away from the intrinsic joy of blogging. Blogging, you see, has a very therapeutic effect on me. Typically, I had awoken for school, and as I cooked and subsequently ate my breakfast, I also […]

Bio-Feedback and Perceived Fatigue, They are in Synch!February 2nd, 2018  7:24 am

As I stirred my salsa into my omelet this morning I contemplated many things. One of which, was the fatigue my body felt after two days on the trainer in a row. I haven’t been exercising a ton this winter and I got back into it recently trying to lose weight as part of a […]

I’m Going to Win the Biggest Loser and Resting Heart RateFebruary 1st, 2018  5:57 am

I entered yesterday’s weigh-in with trepidation. Speaking to one of the other teachers prior to the weigh in, she commented, “This is going to be bad after four days off,” or something along those lines. It was true. The prior four days had been off, two on the weekend, and two sequential snow days right […]