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Crank Length TheoriesJune 14th, 2017  9:26 pm

There are a bunch of crank length theories out there. One of the most popular is Kirby Palm’s crank length theory. He advocates determining crank length based on a proportion of leg length. Yes, you have to use a little math to determine your crank length. The Math Behind the Kirby Palm Theory He says […]

Smaller Circles and Chaffing – How to Get Less ChaffingJune 11th, 2017  8:11 pm

Today I woke up and actually skipped the Bowflex. I was getting out of sync and would need to legs on Tuesday when the Tuesday night ride is. It is important in training to sync hard with hard and easy with easy. I rode this morning for a little under an hour but that was […]

Spinning In Circles – the Ride for Today was a bit EndoJune 10th, 2017  7:50 pm

Sometimes life can feel like it’s spinning out of control. In those cases, it’s best to be spinning in circles. Today I did just that, but with 177.5 cranks. The Ride Today for my ride I decided I would be spinning in circles with my old Litespeed from 2000 and 177.5 mm cranks. I started […]