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Continuing to Keto After an Easter Keto BreakApril 2nd, 2018  9:33 pm

This article is about continuing Keto. Silverchair inspiration to play guitar and potential Full on Strava tomorrow afternoon. It’s a short one but … well it’s not a good one either, they can’t all be winners …

Rainy Days are for Grading and Skipping Wendy’s Plus Organic Coffee?March 30th, 2018  9:19 am

This article discusses how a rainy day can be a good day. It’s not always bad to be stuck indoors, it can be a day to get a lot of things done!

REVV Coffee and Water in The Morning, Another Weight Loss StrategyJanuary 25th, 2018  5:56 am

As part of my continuing blog I’d like to tackle weight loss again (I was going to do that on, but maybe I’ll do something else with that). I’ve changed strategies the past day based on a recommendation from BJT. BJT was talking about how he drinks sugar free energy drinks in the morning. […]