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Waking Up at 4:40 a.m. … Still a WinJanuary 9th, 2018  4:52 pm

My plan, last night, as I tidied up and prepared myself for sleep was to wake up at 4 a.m. That being said, in life, nothing usually ever goes perfectly according to your plan. I actually woke up a few hours after I went to bed at 11:30 or so, then I think I woke […]

Cycling, One Great Monday!January 8th, 2018  7:52 pm

Today was a great Monday. “Why was it great you ask?” It was great because I pedaled some before and after work, with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm for pedaling, of course. Pedaling is an existential passion of mine. The movement of the legs, the Endorphins, it all factors into a […]

Turning the Screws a Little Tighter and Tom BradyJanuary 1st, 2018  10:54 am

Tom Brady was on good morning America this morning discussing his prolonged longevity within the NFL and it got me thinking of how to “turn the screws a little tighter.” “Turning the screws a little tighter,” is similar to “stepping it up a notch,” but at the same time, slightly different. Sometimes in competition you […]

An Omelet of Significance, Overindulgence at Lunch, and Cold WeaknessNovember 16th, 2017  6:05 pm

While this is one of my many coming 200 days of salad posts, the thing I’d like to focus on first is my omelet. It was an omelet of significance, grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unparalleled taste. It also had a certain refined beauty that only an omelet could possess. An Omelet of Significance […]

Soup and Salad, Balancing Nutrition and Diet For Top Performance!November 9th, 2017  8:26 pm

Today as I reveled in my school cafeteria soup and salad I realized that nutrition is extra important. Since giving blood a week ago, my overall strength has been down a little. This past Wednesday all I could muster was 280 lbs x 8 reps on Bench Press and 360 lbs x 8 reps on […]

Wet Rain, Wind, Low Volume Training, Diet and a BowFLEXOctober 24th, 2017  8:56 pm

Today was a wet, windy day that decreased the desire to ride outside. To prevent slipping on the wet surfaces my dad and my brother-in-law, Ben, decided to ride indoors, one at the gym and another at the trainer. This officially meant that they have trained more than me in the past few weeks on […]

Perseverance to Solve ProblemsOctober 18th, 2017  8:11 pm

Mathematical Practices #1 of the Common Core, “Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them,” is a great way to look at life, helping you to push forward through adversity with grace, tranquility, ease, and in some cases, unfettered enthusiasm. It could be said, perseverance is the key to winning in life or sport! […]

Permit Sticker Party to Finish Monday?June 4th, 2017  7:24 pm

Today was another day at the “permit sticker party.” Again, the place was packed as we put stickers on another 10,000 or so magazines! It was really exciting, you should have been there. The line up for today included: DJ (Radio) Radio 2 (my dad) Ashley, Allie, and Nate Mark 2 Bette and Tay Radio […]

Permit Sticker Party Extended Another Day!June 3rd, 2017  9:33 pm

Today we kicked off the permit sticker party at Cromwell after we noticed that our magazines didn’t have the mailing permit printed on them. Now before you say, “hey that’s not really a party, it’s more of you putting stickers on the back of magazines for 10 hours,” consider this: We had: Radio Radio 2 […]

Sticking Through AdversityJune 2nd, 2017  9:27 pm

Today started with a positive note as had the previous days. I went downstairs and did a leg workout on the Bowflex, helping to up my metabolism for the start of the day. As I packed the Wicked Good News throughout the day I felt the need to work fast, but still optimistic that the […]