A Salad Omelet – Pushing the Boundaries

Thank you for stopping by to read about the salad omelet I made this morning. I would tell you about the liter of water I drank as well but I don’t want to overstimulate you. It might just be too much!

Anyhow, this morning I ate a salad omelet with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm. It was something for only the most refined of palettes.

How This Ingenious Idea Came About

The previous night I went out to dinner with my father, ordering a salad. However, perhaps due to the liter of water consumed in the morning, I wasn’t super hungry. I had some of my salad boxed. The box was still in the fridge the next morning, so I thought to myself, “why not?” After all, the cheese and onion base with a little salsa was growing rather prosaic, and I wouldn’t have it.

As I added the salad I gained a certain resplendent joy for the salad, something to stimulate my taste buds and make my mouth water. Cooking it with a cover after adding salsa, onions, and cheese to the egg and salad based omelet, I waited patiently.

Eventually the omelet was done and to my surprise I noticed several bonuses.

The Chicken Bonus

I had forgotten the chicken bonus from the night before and to my delight I remembered ordering a Chicken Caesar salad as I bit into a piece of omelet chicken. Mmm. I continued noticing several bonus pieces as I made my merry way through the salad. It was delightful and scrumptious and satisfying.

Some Toast Made the Old Fashioned Way

Wanting to balance out my extravagant salad – cheese – onion – salsa based omelet I went for a little bit of basic toast. It wasn’t anything special and clearly designed to keep my taste buds from being over-stimulated. With a measured patience I slowly waited for the toast to pop, and so it did. From that moment on I knew it would be buttered, thus completing the cycle.


Disclaimer: You may be wondering, “Did I just read a blog about a salad omelet?” The answer is yes, for only while writing about the most boring of things and attempting to make them interesting can I improve my writing hobby.

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