Why Rocky Movies Are Inspirational!

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I was chatting with BJT yesterday and we were talking about how Rocky movies are so inspirational. I haven’t had time to watch a Rocky movie recently but I would have to agree with him that they are, remembering the great series and how Rocky fought his opponents with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm, blocking with his head at every opportunity.

Wait a Sec!

“No good boxer blocks with his head, these movies aren’t good boxing movies,” you might be saying to yourself as you read this. I would counter with, “that’s exactly why Rocky movies are so great and so inspirational.” Think about it, the more pounding over the head he takes the stronger he gets.

Rocky starts his trajectory throughout the series as a bum, a shady collector for a low level underworld boss. He fights so,  so, relatively slow, then finally gets a break against Apollo Creed. Rocky then starts training and fights Apollo after being in relatively good shape.

During this entire fight he blocks with his head and he is getting the snot beat out of him early on, but then he keeps getting stronger, while Apollo weakens. Apollo, meanwhile, has spent the entire movie bullying and belittling Rocky. In fact, throughout the entire series Rocky stands up to bullies and keeps getting pounded over the head but keeps getting stronger and keeps winning! A true story of inspiration.

Rocky III

After finally defeating Apollo Creed in Rocky II, Rocky must face his toughest adversary to date, Mr. T. Mr. T trains in the basement and again bullies Rocky after defeating him the first time, and actually before, at the statue. Rocky, suffering from the loss of his beloved trainer, must fight through psychological adversity to come up victorious this time. The entire fight, he blocks with his head, only getting stronger as he gets pounded over the head repeatedly. Mr. T. is overwhelmed as Rocky just keeps on coming, never stopping or giving up. Rocky is a relentless competitor.

Rocky IV

After Apollo Creed has redeemed himself by leaving his bullying ways behind and becoming friends with Rocky (a story of forgiveness all in itself) he vastly underestimates Ivan Drago, to his peril. Rocky, upset over his friend’s passing, vows to fight Drago and has to travel to Russia to fight him (or Colorado, wherever they filmed it). The fight with Drago is critical to the series. It is during this fight, while Rocky is getting pounded over the head (his form of blocking) with 1800 lbs of pressure, that Rocky develops brain damage. Yet, after the brain damage he is stronger than ever before.

Subsequent Rocky Series

In the next few Rocky series Rocky gets old, he suffers from brain damage in five, but then still wins a street fight with the current champion. Then in six he is about sixty years old but is completely jacked. Meanwhile, life has pounded him over the head, with the passing of Adrian, and his so so restaurant. He almost wins again in a heavyweight bout setting himself up for a possible Rocky VII victory.

The Inspiration Takeaway

The inspirational takeaway from all of this is that no matter how much life pounds yourself over the head you can keep pressing forward and you become stronger from it. Adversity is something that makes us stronger and as they say in mathematical practice #1, “Persevere to solve problems.” It’s like Rocky read the mathematical practices before the series even began.

He also doesn’t put up with bullies throughout the entire series. It’s like he is inspiration for all the kids who get bullied every day, a serious problem educators must combat in the school systems on a regular basis. And it’s for those reasons that I love the Rocky series!


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