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Does Cheese Sometimes Get Too Old?

This morning as I made my breakfast omelet I noticed something very concerning … I was low on cheese. That being said I became optimistic when I looked to the back of the fridge and noticed an old bag of cheese. I quickly took it out, but then became disheartened as I noticed the cheese had some sort of blackish mold on it. I would not be putting this cheese in my omelet.

Old Cheese

Some may think that this cheese was now no longer useful and, at first, I thought this as well. But then a new thought entered my mind. Sure, I would throw out this cheese and it would eventually make it to a landfill. In the landfill it would break down into minerals. These minerals, in turn, would help to grow new plants out of the landfill. Squirrels, or some other sort of landfill creature, would eat the plants and grow, possibly bringing life to other squirrels. With time, these squirrels would die, decomposing in different spots, providing minerals for other plants. Eventually a cow would eat these plants.

New Cheese Again

Eventually this cow, after growing a while, would produce milk which would in turn be used to make cheese, I think.

Honestly I'm not really sure how they make cheese but this sounds about right.

Anyways, when this new cheese was made, the cycle would be complete and the old cheese would realize its potential. 

Life Lessons

There are some deeper lessons from this old cheese. I think the big takeaway is that you are never too old to contribute something or give back to others. If you have lived a life where you haven't helped others and perhaps you've "sat around in the back of the fridge," it's never too late to start giving back. That one act of kindness or volunteerism might just make someone's omelet some day.


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Note: While I may have been stretching for blog ideas this morning I think it is important to look at everything in life from the positive side of things. Anyways, thank you for stopping by and I hope you found what you were looking for.

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