An Omelet of Spicy Positivity

Thanks for stopping by to read about the omelet I made this morning. You will nearly double my traffic, the normal amount being my mom and robots from China trying to hack my site. Hi mom! Hi robots!

Anyways, on to the omelet!

An Omelet of Spicy Positivity

This morning my omelet was deficient in broccoli as I didn’t go to Big Y yesterday after work and frankly forgot that I was low. I started it with the typical cheese and onion base but then I thought to myself, “this just won’t cut it, this omelet doesn’t have the refined flair to meet my sophisticated palette!” Then I found a jar of salsa near the back of the fridge. Quickly checking for mold and finding none I came up with an ingenious plan. Extra salsa! I threw away reason and with complete disregard I piled on the salsa, not caring for the burnings of the mouth soon to come!

Eating the Omelet

From the first fork full to my mouth began the perilous journey, myself being hesitant to consume it, keeping milk close by just in case. But alas, the first fork full went down and I felt a certain joy as I was still o.k. Then began the second fork full and then third, so on and so on until the omelet was fully consumed.

The Toast

With time racing by and my hand’s furiously typing about the omelet I could not neglect the toast. Racing to the toaster I plopped in the toast, hoping above all odds I would have time to butter it. With the toast in the toaster, slowly cooking away, I bided my limited time. My plan was to quickly get to the butter, butter knife in hand as soon as that toaster popped. And with the grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm of someone who has eaten breakfast for 41 years I did just that.


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