A Liter of Water to Start the Day

Thank you for stopping by to read about the water I drank this morning. I’m using this blog as an effort to improve my poor writing skills. I figure if I write about things that are massively boring and try to make them interesting I can do this. I was going to write about my omelet that I made this morning but that might be too stimulating. Plus, in reality, with all the Salsa I’m putting in it my omelet is more likely resembling “Huevos Rancheros,” the most popular egg dish from many areas of the country from where my readers are coming from.

A Liter of Water to Start the Day

As I recommenced training on the bicycle trainer last week after about six weeks (?) or so off BJT recommended that I drink a liter of water right at the start of the day to jump start my metabolism. I think it’s been working but first let me address what is in water.

What is Water Made Of?

Water, or H2O in scientific terms, is formed from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These are held together by Covalent bonds, which I can only assume are like atom super glue. At room temperature water is in liquid form but if it goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes a solid, more commonly known as ice. When it gets really hot it evaporates taking gaseous form. It is during hot summer days that it does this, making the night sultry, or is it humid or moist?

What Does it Do?

According to BJT, drinking a liter of water to start the day ups your metabolism as you ride the trainer, turning on the fat burning engines for the rest of the day. I think he is on to something. It is possible that more fluid inside of you helps to get the body going.

How Did I Do It?

Drinking a liter of water this morning was easier than I thought. I started by taking some sips and, I have to admit, a few large gulps. Then I took a break. Then I took some more sips and gulps, followed by another break. Eventually, as I rode the trainer listening to techno on YouTube, I finished. Weight loss is all about persevering through and not giving up no matter what challenges you face ahead of you.


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Note: Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more weight loss tips as I work my way back to fitness!