I’m An Energizer Bunny … Or So I have to Remind Myself

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Since I got my master’s degree in teaching in 2010 I’ve never called in for a sick day. That’s an impressive run as an educator. The one time I got really sick as an educator was in 2006, right at the start of the year. I weighed myself two days after and I had lost 10 lbs, plus I was literally grey the night I got sick. I probably should have gone to the emergency room.

Since then though I don’t believe I ever called in sick. It may be a 10 year run. That being said today pushed me to the limit. I felt the sore throat coming on last night and was feverish and felt bad this morning. That being said I rallied and made it to school.

Keep Telling Yourself You’re the Energizer Bunny

This 10 year? run has been amazing. I just keep going and going and going and going … Today though by the end of 5th period I was a bit off and a few of my students tried to get me to go to the hospital. Honestly they were joking but I was off. I joked back that I just needed my soup, as I get soup and salad pretty much everyday, it’s awesome.

The funny thing is the soup did start to re-energize me. I felt better and better. You could say my batteries were recharged. Near the end of the day my energy came back, I felt good and I was teaching full steam. I just needed some more voltage.

Keep Going and Going and Going …

I tell my students to never give up when going at a math problem, as mathematical practices #1 tells us that we must persevere through the problem. I think keeping going is the key to everything in life, it certainly helps in cycling.

All you have to do is tell yourself you won’t stop until you’re winning the race. That’s what I did and it worked most of the time. I do have to say when I was 13 I was tested as a ski racer and everything was normal, except for one thing, the ability to recover from efforts … that was “off the charts.” Maybe that helped me with this illness or maybe I’m just typing this to help motivate myself to keep going and going and going through this cold.

Anyways, it is with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm for determination that I keep going, keep working my way through this cold, never stopping, never calling in sick. Cross your fingers for me!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I write about Rocky in a motivational post!

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