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Continuing to Keto After an Easter Keto Break

This past weekend I faced several challenges in the form of late night pizza and Easter. Needless to say, I had to step back from my Keto diet for a short time. Today I returned to it in full force.

Intermittent Fasting Away …

It's easy during the week to intermittent fast up until a little after noon, when I have my lunch break. I just teach and drink coffee, specifically Green Mountain "RevvX" Coffee from the local Mobil of the Tolland folk. 

After that, it was a good diet day with lettuce caked with butter and bacon grease along with some sardines and cheese to top if off.

Afternoon snacks included 4 hard-boiled eggs and dinner was lettuce greens with avocado and olives for added fat. Bacon was on-top along with it's grease to top it off. After that I was pretty full.

Aside From Diet

Aside from diet I find myself in the unusual situation of wasting away a Monday evening while watching Silverchair videos on YouTube.

I kind of wonder what happened to the band. The most recent music they've made is … different … um yeah. 

Anyways, their old stuff is inspiring me to take up my old hobby of playing guitar. Maybe I'll make a website about it …

Other Stuff

Also, I didn't get out on the bike today, way too floored after work. Tomorrow maybe I'll have a bit more time to go out and crush a strava segment or two.

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