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A Little Bit of Keto Tuesday

This morning I woke up after a good Keto day yesterday, staying away from temptation. I planned out the day, hard-boiling some eggs and prepped for a lunch of bacon and eggs, with added avocado and olive fats. Today, also, is the weigh in day for the biggest loser so we will have to see how the progress has been.

Other Stats

I've been a little complacent about taking my resting heart rate and this morning was no exception to that. Luckily though, I did take a "sitting resting heart rate," (something done while typing this blog) this is usually a bit higher than the resting heart rate taken straight in bed but pleasantly I registered a nice 53 beats a minute.

That means my heart rate is probably dropping as I drop weight a little. Bonus.

Food Preparation

O.k. back to food prep. I'd like to talk a little bit about my lunch. The cooking of the bacon and eggs is pretty straightforward. For that, I start to cook the bacon first allowing a little bit of grease to form. Then I crack the eggs over the bacon and cook it all together, allowing the eggs to soak up some of the bacon fat.

As for the vegetables I prepare a lettuce base, then add cheese. Today, I'm going with avocados and olives for my healthy fats, as last nights dinner tasted better with them than the coconut oil and grass-fed butter.

I like to prepare the avocado by cutting it down the center all the way around. I then break it apart and pop out the nut. Next I take a spoon and scoop it out into the salad bowl.

For the olives it's pretty simple, just slice them up and sprinkle them on, which reminds me I have to buy more olives at Big Y, the great grocery store of the town folk of Tolland, tonight. I will get on that.

After all the vegetable base has been prepared then I dump on the bacon and eggs along with any additional grease. I figured this will congeal throughout the day on the olives and avocados adding a little to the fat value.

Additional Snacks

For additional snacks I picked up a block of pepperjack cheese to eat in the early afternoon if hunger strikes (good Temple of the Dog song). Anyways, that's about it. If I go F.O.S. strava I will let you know how it goes.


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