Full Onion and Other Cold Remedies

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This morning I didn’t wake from a graceful, tranquil, and easy sleep. It was rough finding unfettered enthusiasm for the day as well. Yesterday my cold had worsened and I had started to lose my voice. Knowing though that my students needed me I knew I would need to go all out with the cold remedies.

Cold Remedies … FULL ONION!

The omelet this morning was something special (see featured image). Instead of going partial onion I went full onion, hopeful that the added spice would “burn” the cold out in my time of need. Many educators would call it quits and call out for the day but I won’t led the cold beat me over the head, or if it does beat me over the head, like Rocky, I just get stronger from it.

Another thing BJT recommended was to go crazy on the vitamin C, which I did. I took 4,000 mg of it last night with 100 mg of zinc, then another 3,000 mg of vitamin C this morning. I remember this working from days as a junior bike racer so maybe it will work this time. The key when doing this is a lot of water in case you don’t use all that C, as it is water soluble.

The Bacon

To this breakfast I added some glorious bacon, a wonderful tasty meat, resplendent in taste and something everyone should love. I love bacon. The four slices were carefully cooked in the microwave by hitting the 4 button, signifying 4 minutes. Then with the grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm of a passionate world renowned chef I hit, “add 30 seconds.” This did the trick sending the taste of the bacon into the stratosphere, a taste to be heralded by many a generation, but I digress.

The English Muffins

Finally the simple carbohydrates were not to be neglected, giving myself some quick sugar to fight off the virus. A light coating of butter was added to increase the fat content and make sure digestion wasn’t too fast, ensuring a slow burn.

The DayQuil and The Full Throttle

To this mix I will add DayQuil, probably the most important part of these “cold remedies.” On top of it, a little bit of caffeine. I know I need to lay off the caffeine but sometimes a caffeinated drink does clear out the cold, although I do need to cut back. It also helps me with my wake-up time of 4:30 a.m. to get ready for school.


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Disclaimer: You may have just read this and thought, “This was all about breakfast! Did I just read about your breakfast?” The answer is, “yes,” for by blogging about nothing interesting it helps me to improve my hobby of writing. (Plus also I’m trying to lose weight so it helps me recognize the calories I’m putting in.) Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found what you were looking for.