A Chicken Salad and Weight Loss

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It is with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm that I type this blog post. “What will this blog post be about?,” you may be asking. Perhaps I should write about the exquisite joy that blogging provides, the existential joy of writing the written word, a dialect of knowledge flowing forth, once communicated by the pen, but now communicated by the keyboard.

But alas, I know I need a focus on this therapeutic exercise, a way to set forth. With that in mind, let me type about something more specific, the salad I ate for dinner, the food which has helped me lose 1 kilogram of weight within the past week.

The Chicken Salad And The Biggest Loser

The chicken salad was a catalyst to some weight loss this week, a healthy retreat from my typical dietary splendors prior to New Year’s Eve. For when I weighed myself I had dropped a pound, and the weight loss journey had began. The salad, being low carb contained great things, like flavonoids from onions, helpful to maintaining fresh breath, cheese for additional fresh breath, and Ranch dressing, a healthy fat to keep the lettuce from being too lean.

This salad, when eaten in the evening starts the fat burn, especially if eaten long enough prior to falling to sleep. This combined with my morning workout, allowed me to have another great day, another day I count as a win. Tomorrow, will start another day, and I will try to blog about the workout tomorrow as well, maybe two blogs if I do two workouts. Stay tuned!

As teachers we are having a “biggest loser,” competition which I hope to win. It is a way of getting together, a group camaraderie as we cheer each other on toward our weight loss goals in a playful competitive way. Modeled after the long time successful t.v. show, I hope this “Biggest Loser,” competition provides us with a fun way to work hard toward our ultimate goals of health, happiness, and success.


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