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Oops … Ronald!April 5th, 2018  7:38 pm

This article is about how my diet went awry today and how I plan to fix it tomorrow with grueling tabata intervals in the morning followed by a longer coffee fast.

A Little Bit of Keto TuesdayApril 3rd, 2018  6:03 am

This article discusses my continued focus on the Keto diet as I try to lose weight and get healthier. I’ve started to modify my recipes for taste! Whoa!

Continuing to Keto After an Easter Keto BreakApril 2nd, 2018  9:33 pm

This article is about continuing Keto. Silverchair inspiration to play guitar and potential Full on Strava tomorrow afternoon. It’s a short one but … well it’s not a good one either, they can’t all be winners …

Keto, Late Night Pizza Challenges and EffectsMarch 31st, 2018  8:49 pm

This article describes late night pizza challenges, refocusing on keto, and gluten intolerance. It’s always better to be sensitive than intolerant.

F.O.S. on Keto Day 4 and Needing New Keto RecipesMarch 28th, 2018  9:31 pm

This article discusses the need for some new diet recipes plus another F.O.S. workout and progress towards fitness goals. I hope it helps inspire some people to reach their personal goals. Thanks for reading!

My Long Term Plan to Winning Starts With a Short Term Plan … Day 4 KetoMarch 28th, 2018  6:18 am

This article talks about what I am doing to win long term by coming up with a winning short term plan. It’s all about winning!

First F.O.S. Ride of the Year and the Beginning of Day 3 of KetoMarch 27th, 2018  6:04 am

This article discusses how I got my first KOM on my first F.O.S. (full on strava) ride of the year. Learn how I did F.O.S.K.D.I. (full on strava keto diet intervals) during my workout yesterday and see how I’m doing.

The Start of Keto Day 2 …March 26th, 2018  6:01 am

This article is about my second day on Keto, the feelings and stats associated with it. I describe my diet with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm for describing … my diet.

Planning to Go F.K. With F.O.S. and Possible P.T.E.R. in the Future?March 25th, 2018  12:05 pm

As I sit her typing this blog this Sunday I am planning to "Full Keto." (F.K.) Planning out F.K. has been relatively easy, at least much easier than I expected. The Plan Dr. Mike suggest mixing the following elements to go F.K., they are: Intermittent Fasting Diet Exogenous Ketones I've already begun intermittent fasting, as […]

It Begins With One Little Red Pill … Well Three ActuallyMarch 24th, 2018  9:42 pm

This article is about refocusing the quest for health and fitness by having exogenous ketones and cutting my caloric window.