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A Blogception and Some Superfoods …March 19th, 2018  6:05 am

As I began to type this blog I thought after downing a Spirulina capsule I thought how recently I had gotten away from the intrinsic joy of blogging. Blogging, you see, has a very therapeutic effect on me. Typically, I had awoken for school, and as I cooked and subsequently ate my breakfast, I also […]

More SuperfoodsMarch 18th, 2018  2:30 pm

In addition to the first five superfoods I spoke about there also appears to be some others, namely Chlorella and Spirulina. What is Chlorella? Chlorella is a single celled algae that has been around since ancient times, even way back in the day. It can have a detoxifying effect on humans as it clings to […]

SuperfoodsMarch 18th, 2018  2:29 pm

Super foods help your body from the inside out. At least according to a YouTube video I watched the other night! It was very interesting how certain foods can help your body get better. In this video, there were five superfoods that you should eat. I also include how I did finding these yesterday!