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60-60-20 BJT’s New Plan To Try to Win the Gentleman?April 11th, 2018  6:15 pm

This article discusses BJT’s controversial thoughts on walking and his newfound workout, the 60-60-20.

Oops … Ronald!April 5th, 2018  7:38 pm

This article is about how my diet went awry today and how I plan to fix it tomorrow with grueling tabata intervals in the morning followed by a longer coffee fast.

Rainy Days are for Grading and Skipping Wendy’s Plus Organic Coffee?March 30th, 2018  9:19 am

This article discusses how a rainy day can be a good day. It’s not always bad to be stuck indoors, it can be a day to get a lot of things done!

My Long Term Plan to Winning Starts With a Short Term Plan … Day 4 KetoMarch 28th, 2018  6:18 am

This article talks about what I am doing to win long term by coming up with a winning short term plan. It’s all about winning!

Finding the Elusive Goji Berry … Sort Of.March 20th, 2018  6:10 am

This is a fascinating article about finding the elusive Goji Berry at GNC.

Training on the TrainerFebruary 9th, 2018  5:53 am

The original plan yesterday was to do a ride outside with one of my colleagues from work. However, as the morning progressed, I realized I didn't have a bootie for one of my shoes, which I would need in the cold and my colleague felt a little under the weather near the end of the […]

Does Cheese Sometimes Get Too Old?February 8th, 2018  6:12 am

This article discusses how old things can still bring great new things to the world. You are never too old to contribute!

A True Competitor Thrives On Competition and The Will to Win (an Educational Post?)February 6th, 2018  6:01 am

Many people think winning bicycle races or other competitions in life is about genetic ability or hard work and while these are factors I would argue it is something else that separates the winners from the pack fill. I would believe it is the mentality to win. When I competed I thrived on competition, even […]

Don’t Get Complacent Until the Competition is OverFebruary 5th, 2018  5:53 am

Last night, I went to a local restaurant in town to watch part of the Superbowl. After eating my burger I stayed until half time enjoying the game, then feeling fatigue, decided to head home. As my eyes shut, I checked the score, Patriots leading 33-32, “they’ve got it I said to myself.” When I […]

Bio-Feedback and Perceived Fatigue, They are in Synch!February 2nd, 2018  7:24 am

As I stirred my salsa into my omelet this morning I contemplated many things. One of which, was the fatigue my body felt after two days on the trainer in a row. I haven’t been exercising a ton this winter and I got back into it recently trying to lose weight as part of a […]