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The Lance Armstrong Lie, Chris Froome’s Asthma, and Another Snow Day!January 30th, 2018  7:20 pm

So today was another snow day and as such I took care of things that needed to get done but also was able to watch, “The Lance Armstrong Lie,” along with a podcast about Chris Froome which was good as I was under the weather again today. I have a stomach bug or something, but […]

Romain Bardet and Motivating Myself to RideJanuary 23rd, 2018  5:53 am

As you may have surmised from my recent posts I am trying to motivate myself to get back riding again this week after my cold has abated somewhat. It’s been a rough battle against this cold but I did get on the trainer last night and began to pedal with grace, tranquility, and ease, along […]

Be Honest, Don’t Be a Bully, and Don’t Count Your Cards Until The Game is OverJanuary 15th, 2018  9:31 am

Recently, I found an interesting series on YouTube featuring Floyd Landis interviewed by Graham Bensinger. It starts with, “Lance Armstrong was a jerk and a bully.” I have to say, while I am no fan of Floyd Landis, I found it entertaining. I’m glad I did cycling the right way, never using performance enhancing substances, […]

New England’s Toughest Cyclist – The BrumbalizerOctober 31st, 2017  6:00 am

When Amos “the Brumbalizer” Brumble won 10 Pro 1/2 races in a row back in 1997 it was clear a new rider emerged on the New England scene. Not until now though do we realize his true toughness! Before we talk about the Brumbalizer and how tough he is, perhaps we should define toughness.┬á defines […]

Greg Lemond – Is He The Best Cyclist of All Time?October 29th, 2017  10:07 am

I’ve been series an interesting series popping up from Global Cycling Network on Facebook. They are looking at categories like, “toughest cycling of all time,” etc. So far I have seen Bernard Hinault, Sean Kelly, and Gino Bartali, all great cyclists featured. This got me thinking, “who is the greatest cyclist of all time?”┬áThen I […]