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Blog, The Intrinsic Motivation to Blog: Why I Blog the Untold StoryJanuary 13th, 2018  11:51 am

You may have noticed my blog revolves around breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. I also like to discuss cycling tactics, training, and motivation from time to time. I’ve even blogged about how Rocky movies are motivational. So the question you may be asking yourself is, “Tim, why do you blog?” Why I Blog I blog […]

A Snow Day and The G-301January 4th, 2018  3:44 pm

Today was a snow day due to the “blizzard” we are having. As such I needed to write things down as work still needed to be done. Recently I had discussed the F-301 pen and today I would like to discuss the “Zebra G-301,” pen. Going With the Flow When writing you need to go […]

An Ode to a SandwichNovember 27th, 2017  7:23 pm

Hunger pains real I-90 empty and devoid My stomach could feel Something that rhymes with boyd For that something was a sandwich A sandwich from D’Anjelos I stopped rhyming What I got was steak And cheese With a soda With grace, tranquility, and ease I asked for the receipt as I didn’t want to deceit […]