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A Blogception and Some Superfoods …March 19th, 2018

As I began to type this blog I thought after downing a Spirulina capsule I thought how recently I had gotten away from the intrinsic joy of blogging. Blogging, you see, has a very therapeutic effect on me. Typically, I had awoken for school, and as I cooked and subsequently ate my breakfast, I also […]

Old Cheese Doesn’t Make an Omelet BadJanuary 31st, 2018

It is with grace, tranquility, and ease that I awake this morning with renewed, unfettered enthusiasm for the day ahead. Recently I’ve gotten a little off track with my diet, being afflicted by a minor stomach bug. Let’s just say during the prior two snow days (1 and 2) I had eaten far too many […]

An Extra Hour of Sleep Means Life is Good!January 27th, 2018

Yesterday morning I woke up with grace, tranquility, and ease, of course, but an hour late. I looked at my phone and it said 5:56 a.m. Seeing as I normally leave for school at 6:10 a.m. or so I was like, “uh oh.” As I rushed to get out the door I did notice something […]

REVV Coffee and Water in The Morning, Another Weight Loss StrategyJanuary 25th, 2018

As part of my continuing blog I’d like to tackle weight loss again (I was going to do that on, but maybe I’ll do something else with that). I’ve changed strategies the past day based on a recommendation from BJT. BJT was talking about how he drinks sugar free energy drinks in the morning. […]

An Omelet to Start Anew and Weight Loss as an EducatorJanuary 24th, 2018

These past few days I’ve been very busy with grading at the end of Semester 1. People who have never worked in the educational system may think, “oh, school ends at 2:35 p.m., therefore the job ends at 2:35 p.m.” Anyone who has ever worked in education, of course, knows this couldn’t be further from […]

Leaning Out! 6lbs in Three Weeks!January 23rd, 2018

As part of our teacher’s “Biggest Loser,” competition I have been trying diligently to lose weight. I have to say, knowing that you will be checked on a certain date (we weigh in at the nurse’s office) really keeps you sticking to a diet. That being said, I was worried that at this weigh in […]

An Unstoppable and Inevitable OutcomeJanuary 17th, 2018

It is with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm for the written word that I blog about yesterday’s weigh in. With the cold of the last week I felt, for sure, I was going to gain weight, but alas, this was not the case. I actually lost another 1.8 lbs of excess […]

My Cold, A Relentless AdversaryJanuary 14th, 2018

So, I’ve been suffering with a cold this week and while it didn’t knock me out for school it’s been a tough beast to tame. Yesterday the cold really tested my limits and it was tough to be graceful, tranquil, and to breath with ease. This has helped me to develop an unfettered enthusiasm for […]

Full Onion and Other Cold RemediesJanuary 12th, 2018

This morning I didn’t wake from a graceful, tranquil, and easy sleep. It was rough finding unfettered enthusiasm for the day as well. Yesterday my cold had worsened and I had started to lose my voice. Knowing though that my students needed me I knew I would need to go all out with the cold […]

An Omelet to Start the Day At Full Throttle!January 10th, 2018

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. This morning I’d like to speak about a cold, my omelet, a time to not work out, and the Full Throttle caffeine I’m going to have to buy at the gas station. Last night, I had a sore throat kicking in, something signaling a cold was […]