Battling It Out Until The End

Thank you for stopping by to read about the omelet I made this morning. I’ll try to make it interesting for you even though a blog about an omelet is amazingly boring. Also, looking at the title, you may think this isn’t a positive post, but if you think that you are mistaken. Don’t worry, this post will be about an omelet and categorized in “200 days of salads,” but I have to explain a little first. For in the title I’m talking about the perseverance of a cyclist and math teacher, a positive quality to have. All the top cyclists I’ve known will not give up despite enduring extreme suffering near the end of a bicycle race. Math teachers have a similar quality, although instead of persevering through physical suffering it is more of a mental perseverance, despite the difficulty of the problem.

One Such Problem and a Headache

Yesterday, I encountered one such problem in the hardest class I teach. It shouldn’t have really been too hard, but in lunch prior to the class I felt a screaming headache coming on. The kind that makes you nauseous.

I went to class, no Ibuprofen to be found. My eyes were blurry. We worked through some of the easier problems but by the time I got to this problem my head was pounding. I couldn’t even hear what my student was saying.

But we persevered and eventually solved the problem. I do not give up.

The Omelet Dilemma

It is with this same perseverance that I approached my omelet dilemma. For you see, my massive headache persisted throughout the afternoon and I did not travel to Big Y, the grocery store of the great folk of Tolland. Due to this I did not buy broccoli and my omelet was once again deficient. I knew extra salsa would need to be added but I only have “medium” left. I knew I would need extra salsa to get through this difficult time in my life so I poured it on with reckless abandon.

“Was I really thinking this through?,” I asked myself. I would have to eat this omelet while fighting sniffles and an extreme burning mouth. Was that what I really wanted?

Pressing Through

I pushed forward, disregarding the potential negative consequences, for you see, I had committed to making an omelet of spicy significance, and I could not back down now. I had no choice but to keep going forward. Sometimes you have only one choice to make.

Much like many things in life, eating the omelet was a lot easier than I had imagined. No milk was needed to quench the fires, no sniffling occurred. Sometimes we think we will suffer more than we really will.


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Disclaimer: If you are new to this blog / website you may be wondering, “what did I just read? did he just blog about making and eating an omelet? What is this?” Let me explain, writing for me has become a very therapeutic exercise and as an exercise to improve my writing I have picked the most boring things to blog about in an attempt to make them interesting. I hope you enjoyed this blog and thanks for visiting!