Another Ride To Techno While Ben Battles in The Jura Mountains

After work this evening I got to riding to techno again for a half hour. That made a whole hour on the trainer today! Whoa! This time I started with Stereo Love and let YouTube take me where it wanted with its unique auto-play feature. Lasgo’s “Something” made the rounds. It had a euro feel to it with an interesting train and large clock. There were a few other videos as I pedaled on with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm.

Ben Battles the Jura Mountains

Today, my brother-in-law, Ben, battled it out in the Jura Mountains of France or so I imagined he did. Technically he rode 7 miles on “hilly terrain, level 2” at Planet Fitness but I would have imagined him imagining that he was riding in the Jura¬†Mountains, battling out with other Tour de France riders for the stage win. It probably looked something like this:

Now, I don’t know if this is in the Jura mountains, but this is what I get when I YouTube googled, “jura mountains tour de france 1990 charly mottet.” I YouTube googled, “Charly Mottet,” in there because he is the best.

Anyways I’m sure Ben pedaled on with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm for the healthy exercise opportunities available at Planet Fitness.

No Saddle Bags

One added advantage to riding the trainer or a planet fitness bike is you don’t need to ride with a saddle bag or “tool bag.” A cyclist’s saddle bag typically has a bunch of tools, tire levers, Allen wrenches, maybe a screwdriver, a CO2 cartridge, and a bunch of other stuff. If your bike breaks down while riding the trainer you won’t be too far away from home and the same applies to bikes at Planet Fitness, negating the need for a “tool bag.”

You also don’t need camel backs or even a road side ID. All these unnecessary things add grams and you want to be as light as possible while climbing hills on the Planet Fitness bike, especially at “class 2,” the level Ben was riding. It might be the difference between victory and defeat.


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Disclaimer: The YouTube video I embedded is in French. I don’t know French so I can only assume that they are saying, “Charly Mottet is great! Only Greg Lemond is better!”