Absence of an Omelet, A Refined Dilemma of New England Proportions

Thank you for stopping by to read about what I ate for breakfast this morning. This morning I woke up, drank my liter of water, and pedaled the trainer furiously at 4:30 a.m. while watching YouTube. Things seemed serene, but my world was about to be spun into a tailspin as I realized the horrid truth, I had no eggs …

The Realization

The realization occurred after I had my morning shower and was about to begin my day. I was planning on an omelet with a salsa, onion, and cheese base along with some other fun things from the back of the fridge. But alas, I was about to be denied. As I scanned through the fridge I quickly realized a horrifying fact, I had no eggs!

Knowing an omelet without eggs was not an omelet I panicked, wondering what I should do next. Then it hit me. Dunkin.

Dunkin Donuts

Driving to school I stopped by Dunkin, and it was open in my time of need. The great folk of Dunkin prepared a “bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich,” a sandwich of resplendent significance and grace. To this sandwich I also got “hash browns,” and a “chocolate filled donut” completing my breakfast of decadence. With shame and, at the same time joy, I consumed my breakfast knowing weight was not to be lost today, but joy was to be had.

As I drove to school I stopped by at the “Mobile Mart,” as well to pick up a “Full Throttle.” I’ve never wanted to teach at “half-throttle” as it robs the students of teaching, “all out.” With their best education on my mind I slowly sipped at the Full Throttle, letting the caffeine and Taurine enter my veins, along with the necessary “Ester of Wood Rosin.”  My heart raced while my left arm gave a light tingling sensation with the thought of students making large gains and having bright futures, I drove on.

The Arrival

Arriving at the school I continued to down my “Full Throttle,” prepared to go “all out,” in teaching today. Then I realized I could do more. This was when coffee entered the picture, after only sleeping a few hours the night before, as a necessary elixir to treat my woes. I quickly downed a cup while designing a quiz of grace, tranquility, and ease, that, of course, my students would enjoy.


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Disclaimer: Yes, you just read a blog about my breakfast at Dunkin … and no, I don’t have heart issues, I kid after all.