A Sandwich on a Sunday

Thank you for stopping by to read about the sandwich I ate today. It was a turkey club from the Killington market, a grocery store representing the great folk of a small town called Killington. I volunteer on the Killington Mountain to help people out when they have difficulty. As such, I was up on the mountain, having volunteered yesterday, and was without lunch.

The Turkey Club

The turkey club was built with a whole wheat toast base. In that base I had them put turkey and bacon, essential meats in my time of need. To this they added lettuce, onion, and tomato, along with cheese to get my necessary dairy. I also had mayonnaise put on it for necessary fats and essential oils.

To the club I added chips with “sea salts,” essential salts found in the ocean, meaning … well they are basically exactly the same as other salts but from the sea. With that I had a Surge soda, made by the great folk of Coca-Cola. Below is more details of the purchase:

All or Nothing

As a bike racer, I was an all or nothing type rider meaning I didn’t hesitate and was willing to attack the field relentlessly, until I won the race or got dropped from the rest. It was with this reckless abandon that I tackled the Surge soda. Tasting like Sprite, a rather pedestrian taste to my mouth, I had to consume it, for I had started it and I needed to finish what I started.

I would not be thwarted from my overall goal, not willing to give up, thinking of ways to succeed. Sip by sip I was getting closer. Closer and closer I got until the Tryptophan from the turkey began to wear on my joints, mind, and body. I needed a lazy Sunday afternoon nap. I did just that knowing I could return to the soda at a later point, I would not stop until it was over.

I bided my time, slowing snoring away, just waiting the soda out. The soda knew it was a losing battle and it relented, as I knew it would. Taking the last few sips it quenched my thirst on one hand but increased it on another. I was going to look for another soda on the way home. And with that my typing came to an end, fatigue wearing through my fingers until alas, I hit “publish.”


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Disclaimer: Yes, you just read a post about a sandwich. Blogging and writing is a hobby of mine and to improve my skills I must try to make the most boring things interesting. Did you find what you were looking for?