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Keto, Late Night Pizza Challenges and EffectsMarch 31st, 2018  8:49 pm

This article describes late night pizza challenges, refocusing on keto, and gluten intolerance. It’s always better to be sensitive than intolerant.

Rainy Days are for Grading and Skipping Wendy’s Plus Organic Coffee?March 30th, 2018  9:19 am

This article discusses how a rainy day can be a good day. It’s not always bad to be stuck indoors, it can be a day to get a lot of things done!

Keto Day 5 Stats and ChallengesMarch 29th, 2018  6:26 am

As day 5 of the Keto diet begins I've noticed a few interesting things. My sleep wasn't great last night, and I did wake up at 2:30 a.m. but that may be do to random changes. I got maybe four or five hours in there so I'll be good today.  Now on to the Stats […]

F.O.S. on Keto Day 4 and Needing New Keto RecipesMarch 28th, 2018  9:31 pm

This article discusses the need for some new diet recipes plus another F.O.S. workout and progress towards fitness goals. I hope it helps inspire some people to reach their personal goals. Thanks for reading!

My Long Term Plan to Winning Starts With a Short Term Plan … Day 4 KetoMarch 28th, 2018  6:18 am

This article talks about what I am doing to win long term by coming up with a winning short term plan. It’s all about winning!

First F.O.S. Ride of the Year and the Beginning of Day 3 of KetoMarch 27th, 2018  6:04 am

This article discusses how I got my first KOM on my first F.O.S. (full on strava) ride of the year. Learn how I did F.O.S.K.D.I. (full on strava keto diet intervals) during my workout yesterday and see how I’m doing.

The Start of Keto Day 2 …March 26th, 2018  6:01 am

This article is about my second day on Keto, the feelings and stats associated with it. I describe my diet with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm for describing … my diet.

Keto Day 1March 25th, 2018  10:05 pm

Today was my first day on the "Keto diet," a diet to make me go into ketosis running on what Dr. Mike calls, "the body's bio-diesel." To follow a Keto diet I had to do 3 things: Intermittent Fast Get a macro diet of 70 to 80% fats, 15 to 20% protein, and 5% fat. […]

Planning to Go F.K. With F.O.S. and Possible P.T.E.R. in the Future?March 25th, 2018  12:05 pm

As I sit her typing this blog this Sunday I am planning to "Full Keto." (F.K.) Planning out F.K. has been relatively easy, at least much easier than I expected. The Plan Dr. Mike suggest mixing the following elements to go F.K., they are: Intermittent Fasting Diet Exogenous Ketones I've already begun intermittent fasting, as […]

Deep Thought of the Day 3.24.18March 24th, 2018  9:46 pm

Check you grammar before posting a deep thought of the day … see "Deep Thought of the Day 3.23.18."