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Training on the TrainerFebruary 9th, 2018  5:53 am

The original plan yesterday was to do a ride outside with one of my colleagues from work. However, as the morning progressed, I realized I didn't have a bootie for one of my shoes, which I would need in the cold and my colleague felt a little under the weather near the end of the […]

Does Cheese Sometimes Get Too Old?February 8th, 2018  6:12 am

This article discusses how old things can still bring great new things to the world. You are never too old to contribute!

The Gutenberg PluginFebruary 7th, 2018  7:38 pm

So I've been testing out the Gutenberg plugin lately and I thought I'd write a review on it. As you may have heard, the Gutenberg Editor is going to be the default editor for WordPress starting in either April or May of this year. In this blog, I love to write about many different topics […]

A True Competitor Thrives On Competition and The Will to Win (an Educational Post?)February 6th, 2018  6:01 am

Many people think winning bicycle races or other competitions in life is about genetic ability or hard work and while these are factors I would argue it is something else that separates the winners from the pack fill. I would believe it is the mentality to win. When I competed I thrived on competition, even […]

Don’t Get Complacent Until the Competition is OverFebruary 5th, 2018  5:53 am

Last night, I went to a local restaurant in town to watch part of the Superbowl. After eating my burger I stayed until half time enjoying the game, then feeling fatigue, decided to head home. As my eyes shut, I checked the score, Patriots leading 33-32, “they’ve got it I said to myself.” When I […]

Bio-Feedback and Perceived Fatigue, They are in Synch!February 2nd, 2018  7:24 am

As I stirred my salsa into my omelet this morning I contemplated many things. One of which, was the fatigue my body felt after two days on the trainer in a row. I haven’t been exercising a ton this winter and I got back into it recently trying to lose weight as part of a […]

I’m Going to Win the Biggest Loser and Resting Heart RateFebruary 1st, 2018  5:57 am

I entered yesterday’s weigh-in with trepidation. Speaking to one of the other teachers prior to the weigh in, she commented, “This is going to be bad after four days off,” or something along those lines. It was true. The prior four days had been off, two on the weekend, and two sequential snow days right […]