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New Year’s ResolutionsDecember 31st, 2017  8:52 am

It was with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with an unfettered enthusiasm for resolutions that I thought about the past, the present, and the future recently. Of course, now comes the time of year where you make a bunch of resolutions that you forget to follow a month, two months, or for motivated people three […]

Waking a Sleeping GiantDecember 28th, 2017  3:47 pm

I could blog about how I was the first one down Cascade yesterday, a resplendent journey of packed powder, or the Rocky’s Cheese Steak Sub I got with jalapeno peppers and no mushrooms at the Lookout, a journey for the taste buds, but instead I chose something else. Recently, I was watching a show on […]

The Best Skiing at Killington in a GenerationDecember 27th, 2017  8:54 pm

As I was riding up the lift with a gentleman yesterday he remarked, “I knew the skiing was going to be good, because of Bali.” I then asked him to what he referred and he mentioned Bali was in a “pre-eruption” phase spewing ash into the upper atmosphere and cooling our planet by a few […]

Giving You Something to Read By Stepping It Up a NotchDecember 26th, 2017  7:01 pm

Thank you for stopping by. I’m sorry I didn’t give you something to read yesterday, as that wasn’t very Christmassy of me. Today though I’m going to give you something to read by talking about stepping it up a notch. Stepping It Up a Notch There are times in any competition where you have to […]

Never Be Indimidated, Never Underestimate … Die HardDecember 24th, 2017  4:11 pm

As a bike racer I had the privilege of competing against national, world, and Olympic champions and medalists. While I was a national championship medalist myself, I was never on the level of a world or Olympic champion. That being said I didn’t back down when racing against them, as I would try to ride […]

A Neck Gator and Last ChairDecember 23rd, 2017  6:58 pm

This weekend has been great so far, well except for the rain. It was with hesitant enthusiasm that I threw on my ski boots this morning. I volunteer with the Killington ambassadors on Saturdays throughout the ski season, helping out with the mountain in their time of need. Today my morning assignment was to greet […]

PeaceDecember 22nd, 2017  8:36 pm

This Friday evening I felt at peace, feeling the grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm of the evening. It reminded me of the peace I had in bike racing when I knew I was going to win the race. The Peace of Winning Racing a bike is no easy task. Everyone wants to […]

A Failed Meal AttemptDecember 20th, 2017  5:56 am

Hi, thank you for stopping by to read about my breakfast. Unfortunately I’m not going to write about it as I decided instead to blog about something a bit more in the spirit of the holiday, the food court at Buckland Hills. The Food Court at Buckland Hills Yesterday, it came to my attention that […]

A Hot Dog Omelet, Pushing the Boundaries Too Far?December 19th, 2017  5:54 am

Thank you for stopping by to read about my breakfast this morning. Yesterday I stopped by Big Y to pick up some hot dogs made by the fine folk of Hebrew National. I had hot dogs for dinner. but this morning woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. After fiddling around […]

A Sad Omelet Sprinkled With Rays of Waffle PositivityDecember 18th, 2017  5:56 am

This morning I got up feeling a little sad and had to think of ways to cheer myself up. So I splurged. A Three Egg Omelet Throwing all caution to the wind I put three eggs in my omelet making it a yolky feast of goodness. To cheer yourself up when you are feeling down […]