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B Positive!November 30th, 2017  8:49 pm

So I got my card from Red Cross today and I’m B Positive! It makes me happy to know this and that they didn’t reject my blood for some reason. Luckily I haven’t been to England from 1980 to 1986 or have any other weird stuff swimming around in there. Sweet! The Gift of Giving […]

An Omelet of Spicy PositivityNovember 30th, 2017  6:11 am

Thanks for stopping by to read about the omelet I made this morning. You will nearly double my traffic, the normal amount being my mom and robots from China trying to hack my site. Hi mom! Hi robots! Anyways, on to the omelet! An Omelet of Spicy Positivity This morning my omelet was deficient in […]

Another Ride To Techno While Ben Battles in The Jura MountainsNovember 29th, 2017  9:05 pm

After work this evening I got to riding to techno again for a half hour. That made a whole hour on the trainer today! Whoa! This time I started with Stereo Love and let YouTube take me where it wanted with its unique auto-play feature. Lasgo’s “Something” made the rounds. It had a euro feel […]

A Trainer Ride Into Positivity … And Techno … on YouTubeNovember 29th, 2017  6:09 am

This morning I woke up and again wanted to start my day off positively by riding the trainer. The wake up call came as my alarm rang at 4:30 a.m. I have to admit I was up since 3:56 a.m. as I went to be at 8:15 p.m. … ah, the life of a teacher […]

6 Reasons Why Slam Post Riding Position Is So Much More Comfortable!November 28th, 2017  7:55 pm

The “Slam Post” riding position is one type of bike position you will see many riders riding nowadays. Many a casual observer may look at the “Slam Post” riding position and think, “Whoa, that must be uncomfortable,” but it really isn’t. First off though, what is the “Slam Post” riding position? “Slam Post” Riding Position […]

An Omelet to Start a New DayNovember 28th, 2017  6:07 am

As I fashioned my omelet this morning, something struck me. Today was a new day, a day to enjoy, for yesterday was a great day. Why was yesterday a great day. It was a day of positivity, that’s why! Positivity Explained Positivity is a way of life that you choose. You can choose to be […]

An Ode to a SandwichNovember 27th, 2017  7:23 pm

Hunger pains real I-90 empty and devoid My stomach could feel Something that rhymes with boyd For that something was a sandwich A sandwich from D’Anjelos I stopped rhyming What I got was steak And cheese With a soda With grace, tranquility, and ease I asked for the receipt as I didn’t want to deceit […]

As Thanksgiving Comes to an End …November 26th, 2017  9:34 pm

As Thanksgiving comes to an end it is a time to get back on the trainer and burn off the added weight to your waist. Tomorrow I plan to work in a small time during the day to restart my exercise program. I began to ride the trainer again during this latest five days, but […]

A Sore Posterior, Fitness Gains, and Food ComaNovember 24th, 2017  11:43 am

As I rode the trainer this morning I noticed something, I’m quite sore in the sitting area. I haven’t been training hardly at all the past month on the bike and starting back has been a little rough but rewarding. My body is still figuring out “saddle time” though. Fitness Gains Despite only three days […]

Thanksgiving, Sore Legs, and an OmeletNovember 23rd, 2017  10:25 am

Why are you reading this, it’s Thanksgiving?!?! Shouldn’t you be spending time with family because it’s Thanksgiving?!?! Thanksgiving – Starting the Day out Right Just kidding, so thanks for reading. I’m very thankful on Thanksgiving for my handful (all six of you) of readers. So anyways … today began with grace, tranquility, and ease, along […]