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New England’s Toughest Cyclist – The BrumbalizerOctober 31st, 2017  6:00 am

When Amos “the Brumbalizer” Brumble won 10 Pro 1/2 races in a row back in 1997 it was clear a new rider emerged on the New England scene. Not until now though do we realize his true toughness! Before we talk about the Brumbalizer and how tough he is, perhaps we should define toughness.┬á defines […]

4:30 a.m. Trainer For No Reason, No School, and Cop Land!October 30th, 2017  9:00 am

This morning began by waking up at 4:30 a.m. and hopping on the trainer. I was proud of myself as I pedaled with grace, tranquility and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm having taken a glorious nap the prior day. With a beaming smile and an inner feeling of accomplishment I hopped off the trainer, began […]

Has-Been Memoirs – Bronze Medal Elite National Championship 2001October 30th, 2017  5:00 am

This wasn’t my first national championship road race, or even my first time medaling at the national championship, but the pressure was on this year. I had taken a hiatus as a physics student this past spring, putting my full effort into cycling in an attempt to make the big time. I had also just […]

Greg Lemond – Is He The Best Cyclist of All Time?October 29th, 2017  10:07 am

I’ve been series an interesting series popping up from Global Cycling Network on Facebook. They are looking at categories like, “toughest cycling of all time,” etc. So far I have seen Bernard Hinault, Sean Kelly, and Gino Bartali, all great cyclists featured. This got me thinking, “who is the greatest cyclist of all time?”┬áThen I […]

Bike FitOctober 26th, 2017  7:52 pm

Bike Fit is one of the hot topics in cycling. It’s also one of the things that people feel they need to go visit some “fit guru,” so they can get their bike fit, but this is really not the case. The KEY Aspects of Bike Fit Here are some key points to help you […]

Wet Rain, Wind, Low Volume Training, Diet and a BowFLEXOctober 24th, 2017  8:56 pm

Today was a wet, windy day that decreased the desire to ride outside. To prevent slipping on the wet surfaces my dad and my brother-in-law, Ben, decided to ride indoors, one at the gym and another at the trainer. This officially meant that they have trained more than me in the past few weeks on […]

A Walk Through the Woods and YOYOAATCSSOOctober 23rd, 2017  8:34 pm

Today, I walked through the woods to end my day after school. Not woods near the school I teach but woods in Northeastern CT. As I walked through the woods I pondered the past, thought of the future, and embraced the present. An older man and his dog walked by the other direction sniffing curiously […]

Has Been Memoirs: New Britain 2001October 20th, 2017  9:10 pm

As part of this website, I think I’d start including my has been memoirs of bicycle racing. Lately, at the Expo rides, I’m like an old cow that needs to be put out to pasture or horse, whatever type of farm animal it is. Once though, I was fast … probably because I actually trained […]

Einen Rauchabzug ErhaltenOctober 19th, 2017  8:11 pm

Today after work I knew it was time to get a flu shot, because it works like total gym. It also gave me a slight shoulder ache, much like I assume total gym would. Does a Flu Shot Make You Stronger, Like the Total Gym? This is a question I thought to myself as I […]

Perseverance to Solve ProblemsOctober 18th, 2017  8:11 pm

Mathematical Practices #1 of the Common Core, “Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them,” is a great way to look at life, helping you to push forward through adversity with grace, tranquility, ease, and in some cases, unfettered enthusiasm. It could be said, perseverance is the key to winning in life or sport! […]