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Double Day – Weights and Riding 5.31.17May 31st, 2017  8:25 pm

I knew I needed to start the day positive today and with the weather rather dreary I knew it would be a challenge. Luckily I set up the Bowflex yesterday and headed down to the basement for some leg exercises before breakfast. My routine was simple and the same as what it was back in […]

Turning a Negative Into a Positive – Setting up the Bowflex!May 30th, 2017  8:58 pm

Today I was planning to ride with the Expo boys. The camaraderie they have really helps to keep you motivated. Plus afterward, we all go get pizza at Stone and Paddle, which has a five dollar all you can eat special on Tuesdays. Today, unfortunately, my rear tire on my car decided to go flat […]

Tour De France Bets – Chris Froome Won't Win!May 29th, 2017  4:07 pm

Now that the Giro is over it’s time to place your Tour De France bets. Many of you will think it will be Froome but I’m going for Bardet this year. My Tour De France Bets My bets for the Tour’s podium are as follows: Romain Bardet Rafal Majka Richie Porte No Chris Froome you say. […]

I Rode my Bike Today – How To Let Your Friends KnowMay 29th, 2017  12:25 pm

“I rode my bike today,” the subject line of many Expo emails shares more importance than many people understand. Sure, sure, it seems like bragging to your fellow riders but inherently it shares far more importance than just that. For the “I rode my bike today,” email is not just an annoying email with the […]

Killington Stage Race Stage 2 Finish and TrainingMay 28th, 2017  6:05 pm

I drove up to Killington to get a scenery change and to do a little riding. It was nice that they had the Killington Stage Race going too. First things first I knew I needed to train as well. Training The training went well for the morning. I knew I needed to ride as it […]

Tom Dumoulin for the Win – My Giro BetMay 28th, 2017  9:18 am

Tom Dumoulin for the Win I think Tom Dumoulin will win and Nairo will fall from the top 3. So my bets on the Giro are: Tom Dumoulin Vincenzo Nibali Llnur Zakarin Actually, I don’t know about Zakarin, but hear he is a good time trialist. I still think Dumoulin will pull it out. He seems […]

Fight Back – Beginning the Quest for FitnessMay 27th, 2017  8:40 pm

After some inner turmoil and one of the most personally hard weeks I’ve ever gone through I decided it was time to start training again. Despite having a few too many IPAs in front of the t.v. last night and very little sleep (my sleep patterns have been off due to stress) I was still […]