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I haven’t posted in a whileApril 29th, 2018  5:23 pm

I haven’t posted in a while. Click on this post to find out why!

Starting the 60-60-20 as BJT recommendsApril 12th, 2018  6:11 am

Just a quick update … started on BJT’s revolutionary 60-60-20 with 20 push ups, 20 crunches, and 10 (per side) side ups. We will see how it goes, I may lower the cardio in the afternoon along with the meditation dependent on time, I have a lot of new projects I’m starting which I will […]

60-60-20 BJT’s New Plan To Try to Win the Gentleman?April 11th, 2018  6:15 pm

This article discusses BJT’s controversial thoughts on walking and his newfound workout, the 60-60-20.

Trying to Keep on Keto Even When a Little DownApril 10th, 2018  6:19 am

Yesterday I had a case of the Mondays for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s tough to keep positive and it was just one of those days. I briefly wondered, with grace, tranquility, and ease, along with unfettered enthusiasm, if it was due to the lower amount of sugar I was consuming. Perhaps it was, so in […]

Weekend Diet Went Awry a Little and Am I Old – Karate Kid?April 9th, 2018  8:14 am

First off, this is going to be awesome … Unfortunately, it also reminds me the original movie, which I saw as a kid, was 34 years ago. I’m getting old … With that in mind, diet is every important to fitness and health, along with grace, tranquility, and ease. Plus unfettered enthusiasm for low blood […]

Oops … Ronald!April 5th, 2018  7:38 pm

This article is about how my diet went awry today and how I plan to fix it tomorrow with grueling tabata intervals in the morning followed by a longer coffee fast.

Keto-ing Mid Week and Noticeable ChangesApril 4th, 2018  5:57 am

As I got up this morning I noticed that I looked a little bit leaner in front of the mirror. At yesterday's weigh in, I had also dropped some weight, only another 1 lb, but a positive change nonetheless. Now you may think that 1 lb in a week isn't much, but given Good Friday […]

12.2 lbs since January!April 3rd, 2018  9:02 am

12.2 lbs down since January!

A Little Bit of Keto TuesdayApril 3rd, 2018  6:03 am

This article discusses my continued focus on the Keto diet as I try to lose weight and get healthier. I’ve started to modify my recipes for taste! Whoa!

Continuing to Keto After an Easter Keto BreakApril 2nd, 2018  9:33 pm

This article is about continuing Keto. Silverchair inspiration to play guitar and potential Full on Strava tomorrow afternoon. It’s a short one but … well it’s not a good one either, they can’t all be winners …